Universal Consulting Group, LLC.
Universal Consulting Group, LLC.
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    Sean Alexander, Ph.D.

    Having over 30 years of international consulting experience Mr. Alexander assists his clients in growing their businesses and finding answers to questions regarding the future activities in local, regional, national, and foreign markets.  

    Dr. Sean Alexander is the founder of Universal Consulting Group, LLC. and is a proud member of the Global Trade Chamber and Authorized Partner with Zoho Corporation and a Premier Reseller with Intuit. Mr. Alexander has many partner relationships throughout the world enabling him to take on projects of varying types.

    Dr. Alexander works closely with his clients on specific projects within a wide range of areas (management, market research, finance, human resources, corporate strategy, engineering, and Information Technology). 

    While there are exceptions, Dr. Alexander is likely to work closely with the management team of a company that has already certain experience in foreign trade. 

    As with many types of consulting work, Dr. Alexander possesses several skills that are essential when working with a diverse range of clients.  

    Dr. Alexander is well-schooled in the art of communication (in English and other languages), and has the ability to accurately evaluate information and make feasible projections for the outcome of specific courses of action, and exhibit enough creativity and vision to see all the potential strategies that would ultimately benefit his clientele.  

    Along with these skills, Dr. Alexander possesses a solid educational background and expertise in international markets that is relevant to the consulting jobs that his clients requires locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally. 

    The commercial relationships between Dr. Alexander and his clients are in all the markets that he serves and is governed through the International Contracts he has with his clients.