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    Zoho Training

    Get your team mastering Zoho through our step-by-step interactive workshops. It’s the fastest path to becoming a master of Zoho. With our two methods of delivery, either by webinar or even on-site, your team will be best positioned to get the best from your Zoho CRM. We will take you through each core module and use case for your business to ensure Zoho is used properly.

    The Zoho CRM Training course provides the ideal jumpstart for your team to use Zoho CRM more effectively. The course covers all the core features of the application from an end-user’s perspective, and provides a solid foundation for users with all levels of experience, since it explains the most effective ways to use Zoho CRM and handy tips for getting the most value out of the CRM. Attendees from this session will become proficient with:

    To get higher productivity from your sales and marketing team, bottlenecks must be eliminated. A strategic implementation of Zoho CRM, will achieve this for you. With the strategic implementation of your entire sales pipeline in your Zoho CRM, capturing insightful data at every stage will be very effective. These insightful data are indispensable in identifying your sales bottlenecks and revising your sales processes when fixing them.

    With our unique three step approach to Zoho CRM implementation, you can start eliminating your sales bottlenecks.